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Santa Barbara Limo Wine Tours During Covid

Nov 18, 2020 at 06:55 AM

Santa Barbara Limo Wine Tours are the perfect option in order to deal with the pandemic, and here are the reasons.

Santa Barbara Limo Wine Tours

  • Limo Privacy Partition

One of the main differences between a limousine and a regular sedan, minivan, or shuttle van (which most wine tour companies use) is the privacy partiton that acts as a divider between driver and passengers. When taking a wine tour in a limo, you are in your own area with your own private group and are not breathing the same air in the same small space with complete strangers. This is probably the biggest advantage in taking a limousine when going on a wine tour in order to prevent exposure and spread of the virus while still being able to enjoy a Santa Barbara Wine Tour.

  • Private Tours vs Shared Tours

Limo Wine Tours are private, meaning, you rent the limo with a knowledgeabkle and friendly driver to take you and your party to any wineries you are interested in visiting. Reservations will be required ahead of time, so don't forget to make reservations, or ask us for assistance. If you are visiting wine country on a Saturday, those reservations shouldbe made at least a week or two in advanced. Saturday is still the busiest day in Santa Barbara wine country and wineries tend to get booked up 1-2 weeks inadvanced.

  • Fun Wine Tour Eperience

While anyday wine tasting is a good day in itself, there is always rooom to make things better and have an awesome experience instead of just an ok experience. Taking a limo for a wine tour is one factor that significantly increases the enjoyment of the day and experience. There is no substitute for being able to sit and share the experience while looking at your friend and family while enjoying a cnversation or reminiscing on past experiences. Doing this is a van where everyone is facig forward is not quite the same. Facial expressions, smiles, frowns, and sparkle in a loved one's eyes cannot be enjoyed if you cannot look at them.

  • Limo Wine Tour Pricing

Best of all, is that pricing for a limousine of a shuttle van is very similar. There are some companies in Santa Barbara offering wine country transportation who provide you with a shuttle van, with cramomed seats with 3- people seating on each bench with prices higher than what a limousine costs. How can they do this? well, that is for another blog post. D yourself a favor, enjoy your Santa Barbara Wine Tour in the safe, fun and comfort of a limo.

For more Covid information related to wineries and wine country, got o the follwoing link. Covid 19 Santa Barbara Wine Country Infomation.

Santa Barbara Limo Wine Tours